Ski hire Terms and Conditions

As a provider of ski & snowboard services in Borovets, our partner company hereby outlines the most important points for financial liabilities between their company and its clients.

Liability of our partner company:

  1. To provide clients with correct information regarding ski services including price details, services details and on-spot procedures for ski fitting, ski schools.
  2. To ensure a local representative who will provide the ski services directly to the clients unless otherwise agreed, following the Procedures below.
  3. In cases when confirmed and paid services by clients are not delivered due to our partner company's fault (excl. bad weather conditions, delayed flights over 2hrs, ski facilities stopped for maintenance or due to bad weather conditions etc.) to reimburse the clients the full amount of the services already paid.

Client's liability:

  1. To provide all needed information about dates, arrival time, names, age, contact details and services requested by our partner company.
  2. All complaint about ski services should be addressed to our partner company (or their resort representatives) immediately. Our partner company's liability will not cover complaints that have been received after the clients' departure.
  3. If your equipment is lost or stolen you will be required to pay the full price of new equipment to replace it. This can usually be claimed back from your holiday insurance.


  1. All services once confirmed by our partner company shall be paid in full by clients (online by credit card or by bank transfer) according to the following scheme:
    • deposit of 100 Euro per person within a week time after received confirmation/invoice from our partner company (non-refundable)
    • outstanding balance should be received not later than 30 days prior to departure
    • if confirmed in less than 30 days prior to departure the services should be paid in full immediately. No reimbursements are possible in case of a "no show" by clients
  2. To secure ski services the client shall provide all clients' names, age (for the children ski packs), contact details (at least one mobile phone number per party), arrival details and exact address (hotel name, street number, room number) as well as all ski services required and exact dates when they should start (normally the day after clients' arrival). Issuing and sending an invoice for payment by our partner company declares the confirmation of the ski services. The vouchers for the ski services and help for the ski fitting will be provided on spot by the representative of our partner company (this is normally at the entrance of the Gondola lift each morning between 08.30-10.00). Our partner company will mention inside the vouchers of the clients the name and the 24hrs mobile phone number in case of emergency of the resort representative. Our partner company shall not be liable for clients who have arrived later than stated, resulting in lack of appropriate boots numbers and/or reduced in time group tuitions. No reimbursements are possible in case of bad weather conditions and/or not working ski facilities.